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Your source for Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) is Excel Industrial Electronics.

We are Motion Control Specialists that can support you through our status designation for each VFD brand name mentioned below. We can integrate VFDs to suit your exact application and have provided optimal AC drive solutions since 1981.

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(AS) Authorized Service, (D) Distributor, (SI) System Integrator, (VAR) Value-Added Reseller

  • ABB/Baldor/Reliance (SI)
  • Allen Bradley (SI)
  • Amtech
  • Baldor (ABB) (D, SI)
  • Bardac
  • Benshaw (now Regal Beloit) (D, SI)
  • Cleveland Motion Control
  • Control Techniques (SI)
  • Danfoss/Vacon
  • DSI (Eaton Dynamatics)
  • Fincor (now Control Techniques)
  • General Electric
  • Hitachi (D)
  • Mitsubishi
  • Reliance Electric (now ABB Baldor)
  • Parker SSD (Parker Hannifin) (AS, D, SI)
  • Regal Beloit (Benshaw) (D)
  • Saftronics (now Control Techniques)
  • Siemens (SI)
  • SEW Eurodrive (SI)
  • Torspec
  • WEG (D, SI)
  • Yaskawa General Purpose VFDs (D, SI)






The following is a sampling of our Variable Frequency Drive offerings.

Benshaw Variable Speed Drive Solutions


Excel is a proud distributor of Benshaw VFD Drives, a pioneer in the motor control industry. Benshaw has led the effort to expand the market for variable speed drives to include many applications that were once considered unattainable.

Through extensive research, in-depth testing and real world applications experience,
Excel offers Benshaw VFDs with a complete range of variable speed drive solutions, from multi-purpose
micro drives and high performance industrial drives to IEEE 519 clean power drives, NEMA 4X washdown duty drives and custom configured packaged drive solutions. With a Benshaw solution, you will receive Excel’s services and support capabilities available to meet the motor control needs of a broad range of industries and applications.

  • Complete line of AC drives
  • Multi-purpose micro drives
  • High performance industrial drives
  • IEEE 519 clean power drives
  • NEMA 4X washdown drives
  • Packaged drives
  • Turnkey drive control systems
  • Integrated communications/systems

Parker AC Drives


Excel is a distributor of Parker’s complete range of AC variable speed drives for a wide variety of applications ranging from 0.2 to 2000 kW. Parker drive solutions range from basic motor control to advanced, closed-loop process line applications.

AC Variable Frequency Drives, HP Rated – AC690 Series

The AC690 is designed to meet the requirements of all variable speed drive applications up to 1500HP, from simple single motor speed control through to the most sophisticated integrated multi-drive systems

AC Variable Frequency Drives, KW Rated – AC10 Series

The AC10 compact drive is one of the smallest variable speed drives available and offers a low cost, compact solution for simple AC induction motor control in applications up to 180kW

AC Variable Frequency Drives, HP Rated – AC10 Series

The AC10 drive is a simple, small, and reliable variable speed drive and offers a low cost, compact solution for simple AC induction or PMAC motor control in applications up to 250 HP

AC Variable Frequency Drives, KW Rated – AC30 Series [Complete Drive Package]

The AC30V variable speed drives provide users with exceptional levels of motor control for general purpose industrial applications up to 132kW. A range of communications, feedback and I/O options are available separately.

A Sample of Other Parker VFD Drives:

  • AC Variable Frequency Drives, HP Rated – AC650G Series
  • AC Variable Frequency Drives, HP Rated – AC890 Series
  • AC Variable Frequency Drives, HP Rated – AC890PX Series
  • AC Variable Frequency Drives, KW Rated – AC890 Series
  • AC Variable Frequency Drives, KW Rated – AC890PX Series
  • AC Variable Frequency Drives, KW Rated – AC30 Series [Control Modules]
  • AC Variable Frequency Drives, KW Rated – AC30 Series [Power Modules]
  • AC Variable Frequency Drives, HP Rated – AC30 Series [Control Modules]
  • AC Variable Frequency Drives, HP Rated – AC30 Series [Power Modules]
  • AC Variable Frequency Drives, HP Rated – AC30 Series [Complete Drive Package]

Baldor AC Drives

Baldor offers various different VFD drive capabilities to meet your standard needs. Each of Baldor drives is equipped with unique features to maintain its high functionality and high-quality standard.

Baldor’s AC drives are designed with a keypad to ensure control efficiency within the drive. Some of their AC drives include ACS drives, ACB drives, soft starters, and micro inverters.

ACS drives are designed to provide high-performance capabilities in a compact drive. Each drive within this series allows for variable torque applications to be optimized as well as OEM applications.

Baldor also offers an ACB series of inverter drives. ACB drives are designed to support various types of torque or horsepower functions. You have the option of selecting either heavy-duty or normal functionality, depending on the drives intended use.

Contact Excel Industrial Electronics, an authorized Baldor drive distributor for an appropriate solution for your application.

Yaskawa General Purpose VFDs


Excel is factory authorized to integrate, service, and distribute Yaskawa Drives.It is the policy of Yaskawa America Inc. (Drives & Motion Division), to place quality, continual improvement, and customer satisfaction at the forefront of everything they do, and to satisfy applicable requirements of all interested parties. When it comes to quality, Yaskawa refuses to cut corners, setting the standard for quality for the last 40 years in North America, with dependable, extremely long life VFDs. At the core of Yaskawa’s competitiveness is an all-encompassing commitment to ensure continuing high-quality. Excel can supply the following Yaskawa drives and components at competitive pricing.

  • Industrial AC Drives
    • General Purpose Drives
    • Microdrives
    • Fan & Pump Drives
    • System Components
    • Industrial Network
    • Communication Protocols
    • Industrial Software Tools
  • HVAC Drives
    • Drives
    • Building Automation Networks
    • HVAC Software Tools
  • iQpump Drives
    • Drives
    • System Components
    • iQpump Software Tools
  • Elevator Drives
    • Commercial Solutions
    • Residential and Escalator Solutions
    • Door Opener Solutions
    • Regenerative Converters
    • Elevator Software Tools
  • Medium Voltage Drives
    • Drives
    • MV Software Tools
    • MV Network Communication Protocols

View our Yaskawa Drive page for more information.

Why VFD Drives Make Sense for Energy Efficiency

  • Federal mandates for energy efficiency
  • Energy savings over the life of the system far outweigh initial system installation cost
  • Reduced mechanical stresses on mechanical systems such as ducts due to lower pressure spikes as a result of the soft start capability with drives
  • Motors and V-Belt stresses are also lower and therefore life of these components is increased
  • Increased system uptime due to less maintenance
  • Enhanced process control functions
  • Audible Noise reduction

AC Drive Performance Benefits

Beyond energy savings, variable speed drives can provide a wide range of benefits that increase the performance of the applications, reduce downtime and maintenance for the system.

PID Loop Control Modes – In centrifugal pump and fan applications, PID control is provided as a standard function, helping maintain a constant process control of pressure, flow and oil level.

PID Sleep/Wake – The sleep/wake function disables and re-enables the drive automatically as demand dictates. This is helpful to eliminate unnecessary operation at idle speeds’ saving mechanical wear and tear plus energy.

Flying Start – Many applications may have back-pressure causing a pump to spin backwards or updrafts in the ventilation shaft resulting in a fan rotating while the drive is idle. Flying start allows the drive to sense the motor rotation prior to producing torque and then start into the rotating load.

Power Monitor – This feature displays both instantaneous and accumulated energy as they are being used by the system.

Pre-Heat Function – By maintaining residual heat in the motor, this function can help to eliminate condensation when the motor is not in use caused by damp conditions.

Other names for a VFD are variable speed drive, adjustable speed drive, adjustable frequency drive, AC drive, microdrive, and inverter.

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