Buy a Drive Product from Excel and We will Extend the Product Warranty by One Year !

Note: If we do the installation, there is 150 mile radius travel limit from our location on this offer. Negotiable travel allowance beyond that radius.

Excel Industrial Electronics is proud to be an authorized System Integrator (SI) for Drive Source International (DSI), one of the world’s leading manufacturer of Eddy Current adjustable speed drives, brakes and controls.

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Excel’s Eaton Dynamatic (DSI) complete line of drives, consists of Eddy Current variable speed drives, Variable Frequency Drives, Eddy Current Water-Cooled Couplings and Salient Pole Drives designed for water and wastewater applications. Advantages of any variable speed drives are energy reduction, reduced wear on mechanical components, improved process control, controlled acceleration and deceleration and avoidance of water hammer or hydraulic surges. Excel’s qualified technical and engineering support team can help determine what drive is best for your application, giving your facility the total system.

  • Variable Speed Air-Cooled Eddy Current Drives
  • Water/Wastewater Drives
  • Variable Speed Water-Cooled Couplings
  • Variable Frequency Drives

Torspec Eddy Current Drives




Eddy current drives that are simple, rugged, and reliable. This is why Torspec has been a leader in manufacturing & supplying world class quality eddy current variable speed drives & controls. Serving the world with industrial versatility, Torspec variable speed drives offer the ultimate in drive reliability with many years of applications experience. These drives have also been tested through the harshest working environments of aggregate, foundries, and quarries. Torspec’s universal design simplifies installations and offers a cost-effective solution to all your variable speed drive demands.

Variable speed drives (VSDs) are tailored to the unique requirements of electrical submersible pumps (ESPs) and surface pumping systems (HPSs). They are designed to provide reliable power, protection, and control of ESP and HPS installations while reducing overall operating costs.

(AS) Authorized Service, (D) Distributor, (SI) System Integrator, (VAR) Value-Added Reseller

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