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Excel Industrial Electronics features a complete line of Line Reactors and RFI/EMI Filters with expert technical support that you will experience with every interaction.

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We are an authorized Distributor (D) for TCI, Trans Coil International, and RK Electronics.

TCI Distributor – RFI/EMI Filters, Line Reactors




TCI manufactures active (electronic) and passive (magnetic) products to resolve power quality and harmonic issues associated with industrial power conversion. Our experienced staff specializes in developing optimal solutions to achieve IEEE-519 compliance and enhanced motor protection.

Excel partners with electrical and machinery OEMs worldwide, to offer both stand alone and integrated harmonics mitigation and power quality solutions.

  • Harmonic Solutions
    • HGA 5% Active Harmonic Filters
      • HGP 5% Passive Harmonic Filters
      • HSD 5% Passive Harmonic Filters
      • HGL HarmonicGuard Low Capacitance
      • KDR Line Reactors
        • KDR MA and AA Frame Reactor
      • KLR Line Reactors
  • Motor Protection Solutions
    • MotorGuard Sine Wave Filters
    • MotorShield Sine Wave Filters
    • V1K Motor Protection Filters
    • KDR Output Load Reactors
  • Power Factor Correction Solutions
    • PF Guard Capacitor Bank
  • High Frequency Noise Solutions
    • KRF EMI Filters
  • Legacy Products
    • HG7 7% Passive Harmonic Filters
    • KDRUL Line Reactors
  • Global Solutions – 50 Hz Products
  • Applications
    • Bearing Current
    • Harmonic Distortion
    • High Frequency Noise
    • IEEE 519 2014
    • Motor Stress and Failure
    • Voltage Overshoots

RK Electronics Distributor




R-K manufactures a wide variety of electronic automation control components for the electrical controls industry. The product line covers very low voltage intrinsically safe relays (no sparking in hazardous areas) up to 600 volt three phase monitoring controls.

  • Single Phase Voltage Relays
  • Three Phase Voltage Relays
  • AC Current Relays
  • Pumping, Liquid Level & Intrinsically Safe Relays
  • Zero Speed Sensing Relays
  • Transient Voltage Filters (Suppressors)
  • Electronic Timers
  • Relays

How Do RFI-EMI Filters Work?

Electromagnetic interference (EMI), or radio frequency interference (RFI), is a type of electric or electronic emission that can damage, impair or prevent electrical circuit performance. These emissions originate from both manmade and natural sources, and can be both wanted and unwanted. EMI and RFI can be either conducted, meaning they are sent along power and signal lines, or radiated, which means they propagate in free space. Because EMI and RFI can be damaging to many important applications, such as industrial equipment, hospital equipment, and military devices, it’s usually important to enact methods to avoid or reduce their impact.

One blocking method is the EMI/RFI filter. This passive electronic device suppresses conducted EMI/RFI emissions on any power or signal line, but does not suppress radiated emissions in free space. Filters can also be attached to specific devices to limit or suppress their EMI/RFI output, or to inhibit their susceptibility to EMI/RFI emissions from other devices. Because there are many different criteria to consider when selecting an EMI/RFI filter, it’s important to know the characteristics of both the device being protected and the filter selected.

(AS) Authorized Service, (D) Distributor, (SI) System Integrator, (VAR) Value-Added Reseller

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