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Excel Industrial Electronics is a Motor Control Specialist that can support you through our status designation for each AC or DC motor brand name mentioned below. We can integrate industrial motors to suit your exact application and have provided optimal solutions since 1981.

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(AS) Authorized Service, (D) Distributor, (SI) System Integrator, (VAR) Value-Added Reseller

  • ABB/Baldor/Reliance Electric (D)
  • General Electric (SI)
  • Marathon Electric (SI)
  • PowerTec Industrial Motors (VAR)
  • T-T Electric (VAR)
  • WEG (D, SI)
  • World Wide Electric (D)

The following is a sampling of our AC and DC Motor offerings.

Excel is a long time ABB/Baldor/Reliance Electric authorized Distributor. WEG and World Wide Electric around out our industrial motor distribution.

Baldor/Reliance AC/DC Motors




ABB is integrating the Baldor Electric Company name into its global ABB brand as a part of its Next Level strategy, which includes harmonizing different ABB-owned brands under the global ABB master brand.

Excel distributes a broad array of ABB-Baldor-Reliance Electric AC & DC Motors across many categories for use in your industry and application.

AC Motors

  • General Purpose
    • Three Phase Enclosed
    • Three Phase Open
    • Single Phase Enclosed
    • Single Phase Open
  • Severe Duty
    • General Severe Duty Motors
    • IEEE 841 Motors
    • 661XL Motors
    • Quarry Duty – Design C
    • Crusher Duty Motors
    • Oil Well Pump – Design D
    • Dirty Duty® Plus
    • RPM XE eXtreme Efficient Motors
  • Washdown Duty
    • 56J Jet Pump Motors
    • Food Safe Stainless Steel Motors
    • Brake Motors
    • Close-Coupled Pump Motors C
    • Feather Picker Motors
    • Inverter Motors
    • Paint Free Motors
    • Stainless Steel Motors
    • Vector Motors
    • White Washdown Motors
  • Explosion Proof
    • Explosion Proof General Purpose Motors
    • Explosion Proof Severe Duty, 1.15 SF Motors
    • Drill Rig Duty, 1.15 SF Motors
    • Explosion Proof Pump Motors
    • Explosion Proof Inverter Duty Motors
  • Pump
    • 56J Jet Pump Motors
    • JM, JP, WCP Close Coupled Motors
    • Vertical P-Base Motors
    • Submersible/Immersible Motors
    • Fire Pump
  • HVAC
    • General Purpose HVAC Motors
    • Chiller/Cooling Tower Motors
    • Fan and Blower Motors
    • Condensor Fan Motors
    • Shaft Grounding Motors
    • Yoke/Pedestal Fan Motors
    • EC Gold Series Motors
  • Farm Duty
    • Aeration Fan Motors
    • Auger Drive Motors
    • Dairy/Vacuum Pump Motors
    • Direct Drive Fan Motors
    • General Farm Duty Motors
    • Grain Dryer/Centrifugal Fan Motors
    • Grain Dryer/Vane Axial Fan Motors
    • Grain Stirring Motors
    • Incubator/Hatchery Vent Fan Motors
    • Instant Reversing Motors
    • Irrigation Tower Drive Motors
    • Metering Pump Motors
    • Premium Efficient Farm Duty Motors
    • Universal Crop Dryer Motors
  • Definite Purpose
    • 2 Speed Motors
    • Pressure Washer Motors
    • Arbor Saw Motors
    • Woodworking Motors
    • Pre-1952 NEMA Motors
    • U-Frame Motors
    • Automotive Duty Motors
    • Synchronous Permanent Magnet Motors
  • Unit Handling
    • General Unit Handling Motors
    • High Cycle Brake Motors
    • D-Series Brake Motors
    • Short-Series Brake Motors
  • IEC Frame Motors
    • Process Performance Motors
    • Brake Motors
    • Roller Table Motors
    • Smoke Extraction Motors
    • General Performance Motors
    • Permanent Magnet Motors
    • Water Cooled Motors
    • Motors for Explosion Atmospheres
    • Laminated Frame Motors
    • Baldor IEC Frame Motors
  • Variable Speed AC
    • AC Laminated Frame – RPMAC Motors
    • AC VS Master Motors
    • AC Inverter/Vector Duty Motors
    • Cooling Tower Motors
    • RPM XE eXtreme Efficient Motors
  • Custom AC Motors

Large AC Motors

  • Large Induction Motors
    • Severe Duty Motors
    • General Purpose Motors
    • Hazardous Location Motors
    • Variable Speed Motors
    • Vertical Motors
    • Slip Ring Induction Motors
    • Drill Rig Motors
    • Low Inrush Current Motors
    • High Inertia Fan Motors
  • Large Synchronous Motors
    • High Speed (4 & 6 Pole) Motors
    • Low Speed (Below 6 Pole) Motors
    • Very High Voltage Motors
    • Hazardous Location Motors
    • Variable Speed Motors
    • Vertical Motors
    • Vertical Motors
    • Synchronous Condensor Motors

DC Motors

  • Fractional & Integral HP
    • RPM III Motors
    • Fractional HP Motors
    • Super RPM Motors
    • DMI Motors
    • Round Frame Motors
    • RPM III Mine Motors
    • Lifting Magnet Motors
    • Explosion Proof Motors
    • RPM PD DC
  • Permanent Magnet
    • General Purpose Motors
    • Explosion Proof Motors

WEG and World Wide Electric AC & DC Electric Motor Distributors




WEG manufactures standard AC motors as well as corresponding soft starters and AC drives with varying module attachments.

WEG DC motors are designed with state-of-the-art technology, resulting in compact machines with excellent dynamic properties to meet the requirements of a variety of applications in the automation and process control areas.

  • AC Motors – NEMA
    • Air Handling
    • Definite Purpose
    • Explosion Proof/DIP
    • General Purpose ODP/TEFC
    • Pump
    • Severe Duty
    • Variable Speed
    • Washdown
  • AC Motors – IEC
    • Definite Purpose
    • General Purpose
    • Haz Loc IEC – Ex/ATEX
    • Severe Duty
  • Large Induction Motors
    • Cast Iron TEFC Motors
    • Cast Iron ODP Motors
    • Custom Induction Motors
    • Wound Rotor Induction Motors
    • Water Cooled Motors
    • Drilling Motors
    • Hazardous Duty Motors
    • IEC Induction Motors
  • Large Synchronous Motors
  • Large DC Motors
  • Fractional DC Motors

Excel Industrial Electronics – System Integrators for General Electric, Marathon Electric, WEG AC & DC Motors



Excel’s control system integration group has the resources and experience to tackle almost any automation challenge. Our team of electrical, controls, and software engineers has a broad background in motor technologies and can work with you to find the most cost-effective solution for your application. We have the staff to design, program, and build control systems. Whether you are looking for an innovative automation system or want to improve the efficiency of your control system, let us help you refine your options and motor selection as an accredited GE, Marathon, and WEG System Integrator.

PowerTec and T-T Electric Value-Added Resellers – AC/DC Motor Samples

PowerTec Industrial Motors

Manufactures high-performance, adjustable-speed brushless motors and drives, drives for specialty and general-purpose industrial applications. From fractional to 700 HP, in NEMA standard frames, these motors are designed for high torque, speeds up to 20,000 RPM and positioning applications in any environment.

PACTORQ® Brushless Servomotors

PowerTec brushless servomotors provide high performance. Their optimized magnet circuit designs result in extremely high torque in relatively small NEMA frame sizes. In addition to high power density, other key features are high dynamic response and high efficiency. The standard frame models for these motors are 140, 180, 210, 250, 280, and 320.

The PACTORQ Motor Series delivers peak torque servo performance, energy efficient savings and high power in smaller frames helping minimize the overall size of your machines and equipment. This optimized magnetic design incorporating high energy Neodymium or Samarium magnets provides many key benefits.

Brushless Motors

PowerTec’s selection of motor enclosures TENV, TEWC, TEPV, DPFG and DPBV offer you a wide choice of suitable motor enclosures and mountings for virtually any industrial environment. The motors are available with NEMA foot mountings; NEMA C-face, D-flange and Metric (IEC) mountings are also available.

These brushless DC motors use efficient ceramic ferrite permanent magnets bonded to the rotor to produce the magnetic field. Thus, there are no losses in the motor due to rotor induction currents. All of the current delivered to the brushless DC motor is used to develop torque.

The powerful and lightweight permanent magnet rotor design provides low rotor inertia for high torque to inertia ratios in a relatively small frame. This high torque density equates to a very responsive motor with high starting and running torque, rapid start-stop capabilities and smooth operation over the entire speed range.

The brushless DC motor is a true synchronous motor. The rotor field is always in sync with the excitation field; it does not have losses due to slip. This factor, inherent to brushless DC design, combined with various primary and secondary feedback options, allows for precise speed and torque control.Reliable, low-maintenance brushless DC motors do not have any brushes to replace or a commutator to wear out. Little heat is generated in the rotor allowing the bearings to run cooler while increasing bearing life. Factory mounted feedback devices are integral to the motor and eliminate high maintenance couplings.

T-T Electric – AC/DC Motors, Custom Motors

T-T Electric is a manufacturer of industrial ac & dc motors. Adaptability and flexibility combined with express delivery and expert services.

DC Motors

The modular design of our popular DC motor range offers a high degree of flexibility to adapt to the driven machine, and to fit into a restricted space. Our Drop-In solution permits adaptation of footprint, shaft extension and flanges to match dimensions of almost all DC motors, our own range as well as others, new and old, in the market. This, in combination with our short and reliable delivery times, makes T-T Electric DC motor range the right choice also in the retrofit market.

  • A Range of the Highest Quality
    • Frame sizes from 80 to 900mm
    • Outputs from 1 to 2000 kW
    • IEC, VDE, BS, NEMA, and CSA standards
    • Protection IP23-IP55
    • All types of cooling form
    • Numerous mounting forms
    • Large choice of accessories
  • Flexibility
    • Adaptation of mounting interfaces
    • Adaptation of flanges
    • Manufacture of special shafts
    • Adjustment of electrical parameters

AC Motors

T-T Electric offers a series of square frame ac motors for variable speed drive applications. This asynchronous motor has been developed and designed to achieve the same dynamic performance as the DC motors series. Its flexible square frame design facilitates its integration into all types of machinery.

  • AMP Range
    • Frame sizes from 112 to 355mm
    • Outputs from 15 to 1600 kW
    • Protection IP23-IP55
    • All types of cooling form
    • Numerous mounting forms
    • Large choice of accessories
  • Flexibility
    • Adaptation of mounting interfaces
    • Adaptation of flanges
    • Manufacture of special shafts
    • Adjustment of electrical parameters
  • AMS Range
    • Frame sizes from 71 to 132mm
    • Outputs from 0.37 to 50 kW
    • Protection IP54
    • Cooling form IC416
    • Large choice of accessories
  • For Inverter Vector Controls
    • Running position: any
    • Ball bearings lubricated for life

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