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Your source for Servo Amplifiers and Servo Motors is Excel Industrial Electronics.

We are Motion Control Specialists that can support you through our status designation for each drive brand name mentioned below. We can integrate servo amplifiers and motors to suit your exact application and have provided optimal drive solutions since 1981.

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(AS) Authorized Service, (D) Distributor, (SI) System Integrator, (VAR) Value-Added Reseller

  • Allen Bradley (SI)
  • Emerson (SI)
  • Indramat
  • Ormec
  • Parker SSD/Parvex (AS, D, SI)
  • Yaskawa Electric America/YEA Servo Products (VAR)


Parker SSD/Parvex Servo Amplifier and Motor Solutions



Excel supports Parker SSD as an Authorized Service Center, System Integrator, and Distributor, with an extensive and diverse range of products and solutions to meet customer servo application needs. Products include servo drives, servo controllers, servo motors and associated accessories. These servo drives are special electronic amplifiers used to power electromagnetic devices. They monitor the feedback signal from these devices and continually adjust them for deviation from expected behavior.

Sample SSD Servo Drive and Motor Solutions

Servo Drive – 638 Series

638 series servo drives are suitable for all servo applications, from simple speed or current control to most complex positioning applications. The processor of 638 series servo drives gives a rapid response time to the control circuits of 105 μs. Numerous expansion slots allow 638 series servo
drives to reach a high degree of versatility, opening access to a wide variety of fieldbus communication and feedback sensors options.


  • Integrated motion controller
  • 230 or 400 VAC direct power supply
  • STO: Safety torque off in accordance with EN13489-1 Category 3, Performance Level d and EN1037 as standard
  • Ultra-fast control loops (105 µs)
  • Embedded PLC functions
  • Programmable electronic cam
  • 3 configurable trajectory generators
  • Multi-axis synchronization through process bus
  • Numerous fieldbuses options
  • Hiperface and SSI encoder inputs options
  • Optional flash memory chip for data storage
  • Simple commissioning and programming software

MGV Series Servo Motors – High-Speed Motors for Test Rigs

MGV Series Servomotors are innovative direct drive solutions specially designed for applications that
require high speeds and low inertias. MGV motors can be found in many automotive or aeronautical component test rigs (starters, pumps, alternators, gearboxes). Highly responsive with exceptional dynamic performance, MGV motors are ideally suited to the needs of simulation testing: speed in urban cycle or motor racing, speed acyclism of an internal combustion engine, etc.


  • High maximum speeds avoid the need for mechanical gearing
  • Low inertia allows very fast acceleration/deceleration
  • Constant power operation above nominal speed removes the requirement to oversize the drive
  • Water cooling ensures compact size and low noise operation
  • High dynamic capabilities allow the operating conditions of the tested product to be accurately reproduced

NX Series Brushless Servomotors

0,45 to 64 Nm

NX Series brushless servomotors from Parker SSD Parvex combine exceptional precision and motion quality, high dynamic performances and very compact dimensions. A large set of torque / speed characteristics, options and customization possibilities are available, making NX Series servomotors the ideal solution for most servo systems applications.


  • High precision and motion quality
  • High dynamic performance
  • Compact dimensions and robustness
  • Large set of options and customization possibilities
  • CE and UL marking certification available


  • Machine-tools axis
  • Packaging machinery
  • Robot applications
  • Special machine

Servo Amplifier and Servo Motor System Integration Service – Allen Bradley, Emerson



Contact Excel Industrial Electronics to expertly find solutions for your automation needs. Companies in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and around the world have turned to us as their control system integrator for our specialized servo knowledge in industrial automation. Using our combined expertise in engineering, product use, and applications experience, helping companies reduce costs, increase production, use less energy, and lower environmental impact.

Excel offers a complete collection of servo system integration services, including:

  • Preconstruction
  • Scope Development
  • Electrical Engineering
  • PLC Programming
  • IT Integration
  • DCS Conversions
  • Control Panel Assembly
  • Installation

Excel is a Yaskawa Electric America/YEA Servo Products Value-Added Reseller. Here is a sample of Yaskawa Sigma-5 Servo Products.


50W to 15kW

Our broad range of servos can be matched with single-axis or multi-axis machine controllers for a system solution with the highest quality and reliability in the business.


Fully digital, networkable amplifiers with modular connection to single-axis controls. 30 watts to 55 kW power range with 100-480 VAC operation.

  • SGDV EtherCAT
  • SGDV Analog
  • SGDV SigmaLogic
  • SGDV MP2600iec

Rotary Servo Motors

Sigma-5 rotary servo motors feature a wide range of outputs from 50W – 15kW. Both low and medium inertia models are available with 20-bit absolute encoders standard on all models.

  • SGMMV 3.3W-30W, Low Inertia
  • SGMJV 50 – 750W, Medium Inertia
  • SGMAV 50W – 1.0kW, Low Inertia
  • SGMGV 300W – 15kW, Medium Inertia
  • SGMSV 300W – 15kW, Medium Inertia
  • SGMVV 22kW-55kW, Medium Inertia

Direct Drive Servo Motors

Direct drive technology eliminates backlash, reduces the number of mechanical components, and provides a stiff mechanical system for highly dynamic applications.

  • SGMCS Direct Drive 6-600 Nm peak torque, 1.6kHz Bandwidth

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